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Apex Human Services is a respected, trusted, and established home health care agency in Delaware County Pennsylvania. At Apex, we believe that a supportive, well organized, and comprehensive healthcare is necessary for the sustenance of human dignity. The reality of life is that at some point in time, regardless of age or sex, we may need help when we cannot help ourselves. As helpers, the caring nurses and compassionate caregivers at Apex are here to help you meet your home health care needs. From a few hours a day to 24 hours daily, we provide healthcare services in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations. Under the auspices of the CEO/ADMINISTRATOR, a registered nurse of versatile experience in several healthcare settings, we maintain a pool of highly trained, licensed, professional staff to deliver services with a touch of passion. At Apex, we go above and beyond, to deliver the highest quality of services.


At Apex, we DO NOT DISCRIMINATE against any person based on disability, AIDS, race, sex, age, color, or national origin in admission to, or participation in, or receipt of any of our services whether provided by the agency directly or through a contractor.

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Apex Human Services is proud of its employees, contractors and vendors. We are a high-quality team always performing at the highest level to go above and beyond in the provision of quality health care services to our patients. [LEARN MORE]

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